A Complete Mobile Marketing System


Offer your clients an A to Z  Mobile Marketing Solution

  • Mobile App Building Wizard

    • Could Based Builder
    • Dozens of Design Templates
    • Hosting Included
  • Integrated Marketing System

    • SMS Text Marketing
    • Facebook Poster
    • Twitter Poster
  • Customer Kiosk System

    • Loyalty Rewards Program
    • Contest & Sweepstakes
    • Birthday Club

Design Stunning Apps in Minutes.

Provide In-Demand Apps & Mobile Marketing Services To Local Businesses. 

We provide You with All The Tools, Training & Marketing Materials Needed!

  • Deploy in Minutes, Our Easy To Use Mobile Web App Design Platform does all the work for you

  • No Need to Touch a line of Code, Our system takes basic templates where content it automatically populated buy answering basic questions about the business.  Our Creation Wizard then generates the Mobile Web Apps & Tweak to your individual Style and color configuration.

Are You a Local Marketing Consultant, Webmaster, Social Media Consultant, or an Entrepreneur wanting to add Mobile Marketing Services to your offerings?

Let the Wizard Do the Work!

Mobile Apps in Minutes!

If you can drag-and-drop, you can build high-converting, dazzling Mobile Web Apps in mere minutes.


Choose from dozens of gorgeous, high converting Mobile templates, pre-made sections, and pre-built components for text, images, Coupons with countdown timers, opt-in forms, videos, and much more. (And for you DIYers out there, you can add your own HTML code to sections too!)

  • Instantly customize backgrounds, colors, layout, images, and copy, with point-and-click simplicity.

  • With  Custom Domains you can use your Mobile Web App pages to display your own brand and domain,  You can  use a custom domain on each App,  or use our generic ones.

"The Most Robust Mobile App Building Platform on the Planet"

  • Custom Style Designer

    Our Design Platform includes a whole list of color and design options which allow you to tailor the look and feel of your web app easily. if you are new to creating web apps, then start off easily by selecting one of our pre-made designs and customize the colors and options to fit your needs. Our system allows you to change the font, font sizes, font weight, text colors, background colors, upload custom background images, or use transparency to create Awesome Eyecandy

  • Create Eye Catching Slide Menu's

    users to easily navigate using a slide out menu. No matter what page they are visiting, a user can easily jump to another area of your web app quickly. You can easily change the style of the menu, add and remove links from the menu, and change the method the menu slides into and out of view on the screen. You can also remove the slide out menu completely if needed.

  • Over 100 Styles To Choose From

    Our control panel gives you the flexibility to design your web apps in many different ways. You can create 100 different web apps and each one will have a unique look and feel to them. We offer pre-made templates that will help you get started quickly and help you understand what styling options are available to you. For our more advanced users, we offer the option to start with a blank canvas and create the web app style that fits their needs. We always stay up to date with the latest app designs to give you the most current and trendy style options available.


Advanced Interactive Marketing System (A.I.M.S)

Deploy Your Own Digital Advertising Network with Appwizard Studio's Advanced Interactive Marketing System or A.I.M.S

Sell Advertising Space to Local Area Business's with little to No Selling!

Digital Advertising Display Network & Phone Charging Station

Make up to $3,150.00 in Ad sales per network of 10 locations . Set up as many networks as you wish - 3 networks will Gross $9,450 residual monthly (MSRP AD FEES)

  • Each Digital Display Advertising & Phone Charging Station will Charge up to 40 Phones Daily

  • Promote In-house Advertising for the establishments you place them in. Businesses will love to provide charging services to their patrons & patrons will frequent the venue more and stay longer.

  • Place these units in: Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Bowling Allies, Hair Salons, Resorts, Health Clubs, Spas Fitness Clubs Smoke Lounges, Waiting Rooms & More.

  • No Need to Knock on doors to sell advertising on these systems. Since you control your allocated advertising screens, You can advertise your services with your own phone number and have potential advertisers calling you to place their ads.  Charge your own prices with your allocated screens (MSRP is $450.00/mo per advertiser) You Keep 100% of your allocated screens profit.

  • We Provide You With All Advertising & Promotional Materials You Need, Including: Flyers, Powerpoint Slide Decks, Click to play Video Presentations as well as ongoing training and support

    *Also available to you: Advertising/Charging stations are also available to you at cost for demonstrational purposes

This is what sets AppWizard Studio Apart

Much More than an App Building Platform!

A Complete Marketing System Built in

Customer Engagement and creating Conversions is at the forefront of Our Mobile Web Apps

To See Demo Apps Text "getdemo" to 27126

  • Text Marketing Integration

    Your Clients can be provided with their own Keyword to our shortcode and text out to thousands, special offers and announcements.

  • Shopping Cart System

    Our Platform is designed to allow customers an easy way to add items to a mobile shopping cart, modify their cart and check out easily from their phone..

  • Viral Text Sharing Feature

    Offer users the ability to share the App or digital business card  to everyone on their contact list with just a few Taps .

  • Scratch Off Coupons

    Add Interactive Scratch off Coupons to Apps with countdown expirations.  Combine these with our text marketing system to create  powerful sales conversions for your clients.

  • Loyalty Rewards System

    Loyalty rewards are very popular with both businesses and consumers. Many businesses pay $49.00/mo to $100.00/mo for a loyalty rewards program alone.

  • Contests & Give-aways

    Set your own odds and create a winning prize for each visit to the business.   Use the App wizard Studio's Scratch off system to reveal the prize just like real scratch off Lottery games. Gamification is a proven way for businesses to generate repeat business..

Dozens of Integrations & APIs

Facebook Connect

Our mobile apps integrate with Facebook so that customers can share their experience with their friends and other patrons.


Known as the "loud platform" integrating with twitter allows patrons to post their thoughts in real time for direct engagement through our mobile apps.


Integrating with our mobile app system with Instagram allows customers to post real time images that showcase a businesses products and services. 


Online reviews today are word of mouth at scale! App Wizard's mobile app integration allows customers to post reviews directly to Yelp to drive rapid business growth.


App Wizard's mobile app integration with LinkedIn provides direct engagement with professionals looking to grow in their careers, acquire leads, and drive more business!


83% of businesses believe that video marketing provides a good ROI. With video becoming king in any marketing strategy, App Wizard allows for simple mobile app integration for businesses to effectively engage with their customers.

Charge $199-$899 for Setup

It's Your Business,  You charge the Rates You Wish

Since Appwizard Studio's Mobile Web Apps are far more than Mobile web pages and offer an integrated marketing platform the Monthly fees for the Apps and Marketing system can range from $29.00/mo to $149.00/mo depending on the marketing package you offer in addition to your setup fees

  • Add on features- all ad-on features can be additional monthly charges

  • Result Driven Features - Our marketing features were design do provide proven results to your clients & maximize customer engagements.

Deploy Mobile Web Apps in Minutes!

Choose From Dozens of Templates Complete the 8 Form App Wizard Fields and Click "Generate" and in Just about 4 Minutes your Mobile Web App is Instantly Generated!

Although AppWizard Studio  offers templates for ease of design your Mobile Web App Creations are far from "Cookie Cutter"  our easy to use menu designer makes every Mobile App Built "a Unique Masterpiece"

  • Generate & Design with Ease -  & Text Demos to Clients right from the Platform!

Mobile Web Apps no longer a matter of choice

Google's New Mobile First 

Focus Has Created Huge Demand For Mobile Web Apps!

Google Is now indexing Mobile Web Apps over desktop for mobile search.  With 72% of all local searches deriving from mobile devices, the demand from businesses for a mobile solution is greater than ever!

A Responsive Web Site is Not Enough!

According to Guy Podjarny’s research, 72% of responsive websites deliver the same number of bytes regardless of screen size, even on slow mobile network connections. Not all users will wait for your website to load.

User Experience. Mobile is a completely different experience than desktop, so having a single, even responsive website, may harm your overall user experience on both platforms. If you try to satisfy both mobile and desktop users with the same user interface, you may end up satisfying no one.
Responsive web design can suffice in certain situations, but it is not an ultimate solution for proper user engagement.

By definition the users are "Mobile" and on the go so need vital information at their fingertips, Tap to call, Door to Door Directions, or just an overview of products and services

Your Customers Will Never Be Without a Business Card Again

Digital Business Cards

A vCard is an electronic business (or personal) card and is also the name of an industry specification for the kind of communication exchange that is done on business or personal cards. You may have seen a vCard attached to an e-mail note someone has sent you. ... vCards can include images and sound as well as text.

  • A vCard will Download the Following information to your Phone Contacts:

    • Your Picture
    • Phone Number
    • Fax Number
    • Your Email Address
    • Your Website or Mobile App
    • Your Address
  • Digital Business Cards- Mobile Digital Business Cards allow you to share your electronic business card with other smartphone users. You can create a personalized virtual business card. Paper business cards come in handy at conferences, trade shows, professional lunches, and other in-person networking events. When someone asks for your card, it means they want a tangible reminder of who you are and how you met. Jotting a quick note on your printed card will help them recall this information when following up with you later.

Reputation Management

Customers Can offer Instant Feedback to your Clients


One of the success drivers for a business is having your clients’ trust. People like sharing their experiences with their friends and family, and even on their social media accounts. If they are disappointed with your products or services, they are likely to share their experience. In the online world, such news tends to spread very quickly, and you wouldn’t want people talking about your business in a negative context. App Wizard Studio's Simple but effective notification system

  • Instant Notification & Feedback- if a customer rates your clients product or services in an unfavorable, or "Thumb Down" selection, our system can automatically eMail and send an instant text message to their phone.  The  merchant can then contact that person to resolve the issue in real time, turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer.

Offer your Clients a Fully Functional Kiosk

This is a Business in and of Itself!

Offer Loyalty Rewards Kiosk System

Design & Deploy A Highly Converting Lead Generation Kiosk

Recently, loyalty programs have proliferated into new industries, and loyalty program kiosks are serving as an important element of successful loyalty programs. One major metropolitan art museum saw a 376 percent increase in membership after they launched a multi-channel loyalty program that utilized loyalty kiosks, email marketing and an interactive mobile phone experience. The kiosks are used not only for signups, but also to check current points and rewards status, and also to create “friends” groups within the loyalty program, which use peer-to-peer outreach to build membership interest. These Systems can also be used to Broadcast SMS Text Campaigns right to Customers Cell Phones in Minutes Directly from the Kiosk System using an Admin Code you specify.

Design in Minutes and Deploy on any Andrion Tablet

Kiosk Design Wizard.

There is no easier way to Simply Design & Set-up  a robust Kiosk System than with App Wizard Studio

  • 15 Minute Set-up - When you create a A Mobile Web App for a client our Smart Wizard System will automatically generate the basic info needed to your Kiosk System.  All you need to do is Customize a Few Graphics and Colors to fit your Clients needs

  • Upload Custom Graphics - Upload your Custom Graphics or choose from several pre-designed animated designs that will fit your needs

  • Custom Colored Keypad - Easily match the Keypad Colors to your client's logo, flyers and offering's, or to match colors of your App with just a few clicks.

  • Custom PDF Buyers Guide & Instructions - We provide you with where to get tested tablets with the best pricing available as well as a simple setup guide and step by step video training if needed.

Turn Any Tablet into a Rewards & Marketing Kiosk

4 Main Features  App Wizard Studio's Kiosk System

  • App Wizard Studio Kiosk System allows you to add any one or a combination of all these features to any Kiosk interface. Features Include: 

  • Loyalty Rewards-  Reward customers & generate repeat business. The more a customer shops at your establishment, the more rewards they receive, and the more incentive they have to come back and continue shopping at the place of business.

    The consumer simply enters their phone number & the kiosk system keeps track of their visit and rewards them with a predesignated offer. An example would be, Every 5 Car Wash could be Free.

  • VIP Offers-  A consumer would enter their phone number and would be opted-in to the system's SMS platform to receive periodic Discounts, Special Announcements or Promotions that the business owner can either schedule in advance or send out at anytime right from the Kiosk

  • Birthday Club- Show customer Appreciation by giving patrons a FREE Birthday Gift for visiting your establishment or just a way to say "Happy Birthday" from the business.  This system is completely automated and can be used with our scratch-off system to reveal a Surprise Gift as well.

  • Contest Prize- Set your own odds and create a winning prize for each visit to the business.   Use the App wizard Studio's Scratch off system to reveal the prize just like real scratch off Lottery games. Gamification is a proven way for businesses to generate repeat business.

Advanced Video Training Course & PDF Included

Our Kiosk Wizard can have any Kiosk Set-up in Minutes, but we provide you with Step-by-Step Video Training should you need it.   Although Any Andriod Tablet will work with Our Kiosk Wizard Studio, we also provide you with the sources  to purchase the best ones at the best price available on the market and show you the ones that perform best.

Live Weekly Training and Q & A Webinars

You Can Lease These Kiosk Systems for $150.00 per Month & Keep 100% Profits

1 Kiosk System Sold per week at the end of a year will Generate a monthly gross income of $7800.00/mo not counting additional revenue generated by your Mobile App Sales


Our Team Is Committed to Your Success

We Have Helped Hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Webmasters, Social Media & Marketing Consultants Just Like You to Tap into this Lucrative In-Demand Additional Revenue Stream

Don't Want to Build Apps?

You Focus on Sales & We Can Build them for you!

Although Appwizard Studio can have you building Professional Mobile Web Apps in Minutes, we have many resellers who choose to have us build their Apps for them while they focus on sales. For those of you who would like to focus on The  "Show & Sell" we offer this concierge service for you.

  • Our Mobile Apps - Retail from $199 to $799 per App and our done for you pricing starts at $29 per App.

  • 24 Hour Turn Around -Basic Apps can be done in as little as 24 hours depending on features requested

Don't Like to Sell? No Problem

We Offer A Sales Rep Option for your Platform

Many of our Resellers have Built sales teams by giving their reps 50% of the profits or by offering them 100% of the Set-up Fees.  The reseller can then keep the monthly residual income for themselves to flow back into their business.  Our Platinum Package comes with a fully Customizable Website in which you can provide a separate login for your sales reps and/or clients that controls access to only the areas you specify .

  • Hire Sales Reps-  on a commission only basis from Craigslist, Indeed & Zip recruiter 

Demo Apps, Kiosks & Beacon System That Sell!

Wednesday Night Live Training's

Live Training’s are every Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm Eastern Time & 8:00 pm Central During Our Webinars You Will Learn:.

  • Totally unique way to build Mobile Apps and get incredible results for your client with our Marketing Platform

  • Sales Training that will teach you every aspect of the sale! From the moment you walk in the door, knowing when to close and walking out with the contract..

Join us Live Every Wednesday Night  8:00 pm Central

    But.. We Didn't Stop There

    Our Platinum Package comes with the Sales tool's training and all the Materials  you need to Start Making Sales Tomorrow 

    • Postcards

      Generate Postcards with your Brand right online and download for your printer or use our editable PSD files

    • Sales Tools

      Our "DEAL CLOSING" Texting ROI Calculator shows your client their potential return on investment 

      Click Here to See It In Action 

    • Business Plan

      We provide you with a Business plan for your Clients with an overview of recommended marketing services you are able to provide.

    • Quick Start Guide

      Our Quick Start Guide to get your started with best industries to approach, where to generate leads & Much more

    • Brochures & Flyers

      Choose from Print Ready or Costumizable PSD files. Add your own Branding & Logos

    • Contracts

      Customizable Signup contracts in MS word format for your to edit to fit your companies needs.

    • Digital & Print Business Cards

      Print Ready Business Cards or as we recommend create your own digital business card for prospecting clients and showcasing your app features.

    Fully Customizable Website.

    Your White Label Business Comes Ready to go, Set-up Shop in Minutes!

    Your Website comes complete with pictures and content.  Upload your own Logo and Customize as you see fit.

    • Client Sales Rep Login, Choose the areas that your Clients or Sales reps can Access.

    • PayPal & Stripe Integration , Set up your own price points and bill your clients directly from your site

    There Is No Other ALL-IN-One Platform on the Market that Offers a Built in Marketing Platform

    We At AppWizard Studio Are Committed To Your Success!

    Brands Using AppWizard Studio for Apps & Digital Business Cards

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