App Wizard Studio FAQ

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If the customer already has a responsive website, Why is it necessary to create a Mobile Web App??

Do I have to submit to iTunes or Google Marketplace? ?

What can I charge my customers for the Mobile Apps?

Do you offer exclusivity to a chosen Territory?

Do you recommend running this business with commission only sales people?

Are there additional charges other than the monthly fee?

Can I change/upgrade plans in the future?

Do you accept international resellers?

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Do you offer a guarantee?

How do I sign up for live training?

Is it possible to create native apps?

Can the apps be bilingual?

What are the differences between a Gold Level account and a Platinum account?

What happens if I go over my 500 apps?

Can I have my own brand with your white label Pro Package?

Do all web apps need to start with  Is it possible to make it look like for example?

If I upgrade an app to a Custom Domain, what happens to the old url?

With the Enterprise Package, what does "Custom web app domain" mean?

Is it possible to book or cancel appointments, or check availability?

If I cancel my membership, what happens to the apps I created?  Will the business owner lose their apps?

How can I contact you?

"What Our Resellers Are  Saying About App Wizard"

The TEAM with Instant App Wizard provides great productive technology with the personal touch that is often missing today. I believe that because of the TEAM with  App Wizard  Studiothat it will be one of the best TEAMS to be part of. Keep on Keeping on !

Sidney, British Columbia

Regardless of what is going on, you can count on Kerry Miller to be there to help train you, Mark is always there to help with any technical issues you may encounter, and the FB group has an amazing group of highly supportive entrepreneurs always ready, willing, and able to assist you whenever they can.

Jeannine Barcarse

SoCal Marketing Consultants

Exceptional Value Training and support!t

Everything in business has some value. From inside and out, top to bottom excellent excellent excellent.
Their facebook group is tops!

Gerry D

Land o Lakes FL

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